Varieties of Crystal Experience

Quartz crystals are found all around the world. Like snowflakes, each one is unique, but unlike snowflakes they vary widely in size and color too. The country of origin can sometimes tell us about what to expect and there are categories, based on size, shape and color to help identify a particular type of crystal as well. Find out best crysta online by clicking on crystal store.

The most common natural shapes are;


Clusters are formations of crystals usually merged together at the base and showing more individual definition arising from there.

Single Terminal

Single terminal are crystals with only one side ending in a naturally occurring faceted point.

Double Terminated

As you would expect these crystals have both ends that are naturally occurring faceted points.


A geode is a rock formation in which crystals formed freely in an opening in surrounding rock and now line the cavity.

Those are some of the natural forms that come out of the Earth. For centuries artisans and sculptures, jewelers and gemstone cutters have used those as raw materials to create beautiful pieces for us to wear as jewelry or attractive objects for us to admire.

While the different categories of shapes and formations have different effects on our eye and on our vibration, the literature on the healing and metaphysical qualities of the different types and colors of stones is fairly extensive. What follows is a short list of some of those types and their subtle characteristics.

Clear quartz is colorless and transparent and is associated with white light. Just as white light contains all the colors, so too is clear quartz a universal healer.

Snow quartz is milky and white and very common. It supports growth and cooperation.

Rose quartz can range from a very pale pink to almost red. This type of stone has a peaceful energy and is said to be able to bring love and deep healing.

Smokey quartz is found in various shades of gray and has a grounding quality that can neutralize negative energy.

Citrine is yellow in appearance. It is a crystal that is said to stimulate life energy and bring abundance.

Amethyst appears in varying purple hues and is said to help break through blocks and help overcome addictive behaviors.

There are many books about the healing powers of crystals and much more information is available if you are curious about this aspect. There are also many other types of quartz crystals in endless variety of shapes and sizes.

Engineers and material scientists also work with quartz crystal, usually synthetically grown to precise specifications. Electronics professionals use this high-tech quartz to help create the magic of today's digital technology.

So you already are carrying around a crystal in your cell phone and decorating your home with one in your laptop. These crystals are very small and very young and out of sight. I invite you to consider adding some larger crystals to your portfolio. Ones that were formed by nature over a million years ago! Their beauty and magic will enhance your world...